Phrasal Verbs Beginning with W

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walk out walk_out
(intransitive) to leave as a sign of protest

The workers walked out to protest the low wages.

warm up warm_up
(separable) To cause something to rise in temperature to a suitable level

Max warmed the leftovers up in the microwave oven.

warm up warm_up
(intransitive) to rise in temperature to a suitable level

My office warms up nicely on sunny afternoons.

water down water_down
(separable) to make weaker

Don't go to that bar. The bartender waters down all of the drinks.

wear down wear_down
(separable) to cause to be worn or weak

Your constant nagging is wearing me down.

wear off wear_off
(separable) to no longer affect someone

Oh no, call the doctor. the drugs are wearing off.

wipe off
(separable) to clean a surface by dragging a towel or sponge across it

After dinner, please wipe off the table and wash the dishes.

write down write_down
(separable) to record in writing

In that class, you should write down everything that the professor says. It's likely to be on the test.


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