Phrasal Verbs Beginning with S

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save up save_up
(separable) to collect money for future use

Max is saving up for a brand new car.

screw up
(separable) to make a mistake or do something wrong

Max screwed up his relationship with Mary.

sell out sell_out
(separable) to sell everything in the store

We can't go to the concert. The tickets have been sold out

sell out sell_out
(separable) to compromise one's values for personal gain

Catherine sold out. I guess power and money mean more to her than what she said were her personal values.

send back
(separable) to return something

I sent the soup back to the kitchen because there was a fly in it.

set up set_up
(separable) to start, organize, or configure

Max asked Mary to set up his computer.

settle down settle_down
(separable) to get someone to become calm

Settle John down. The neighbors are trying to sleep.

settle down settle_down
(intransitive) to become calm; to start living a quiet family life

Max started to look for a wife because he thought it was time to settle down.

shave off
(separable) to remove hair by shaving

Michael Jordan first shaved off all of his hair when he was in his twenties.

shoot down shoot_down
(separable) to make something hit the ground by shooting it

yugoslavia shot down one US warplane.

shout out
(separable) to speak very loudly; to announce

Max shouted the directions to his house out.

show off show_off
(separable) to try to impress by doing or showing

When Bill did that trick with the cigar, he was just showing off.

shrug off shrug_off
(separable) to dismiss something as unimportant

The president shrugged off his extremely low poll numbers.

simmer down simmer_down
(intransitive) to become less angry

Bill allowed his wife to simmer down before he asked for forgiveness.

sit around
(intransitive) to just sit not doing much

I don't do much work besides sitting around because to do anything more would be a violation of union rules.

sort out sort_out
(separable) to arrange or separate by type, class, category, etc.

Max sorted his socks out.

sort out sort_out
(separable) to resolve problems or difficulties

Max tried to sort out the misunderstanding he had with Mary.

speak up speak_up
(intransitive) to speak more loudly

Speak up. I can't hear you.

split up split_up
(separable) to divide

The bank robbers split the money up equally.

stand in for
(inseparable) to take someone's place

Mary stood in for her boss while he was away.



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