Phrasal Verbs Beginning with A

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account for account_for
(inseparable) to explain

George's wife was angry at him because he could not account for the lipstick on his collar.

acquaint with
(separable) to make someone aware of or familiar with someone or something

You should acquaint yourself with cultures from around the world.

act up act_up
(intransitive) to behave poorly(human);to reoccur(disease);to malfunction(machine)

I think I'll stand rather than sit because my hemorrhoids are acting up again

add on
(separable) to increase or enhance something by joining or uniting something to it

We've decided to add on another bedroom to the house.

add up add_up
(intransitive) to result in a certain total

I've calculated that over and over, but it just doesn't add up.

add up to add_up_to
(inseparable) to result in a certain total

The money I lost in the slot machines added up to over three hundred dollars.

ask for ask_for
(inseparable) to deserve a negative consequence

George is asking for trouble.

ask in
(separable) to request someone to come in

At the end of the date, I asked Mary in.

ask out
(separable) to request someone to go on a date with you

I asked Mary out again. She refused.


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