Phrasal Verbs Beginning with E

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eat out eat_out
(intransitive) to go out to a restaurant to eat

Max was tired of eating out, so he stayed home and had a TV dinner.

eat up eat_up
(separable) to finish a meal

You must eat up all of your vegetables before you can have cake.

empty out
(separable) to remove everything from a container making it empty

Max emptied the refrigerator out.

empty out
(intransitive) to be vacated by people

The concert hall emptied out as soon as the concert was over.

end up end_up
(intransitive) to arrive at a destination or result which may be unplanned or unexpected

Max drank so much last night that he ended up in a strange bed in a strange apartment.

even out
(separable) to make something measure the same as something else

Max has trouble evening out his sideburns since one ear is lower than the other.


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