Phrasal Verbs Beginning with R

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rack up rack_up
(separable) to accumulate in number (score)

You?d better watch where you park. You're really racking up the parking tickets.

rip off rip_off
(separable) to steal something

Max ripped twenty dollars off from that old lady.

rip up rip_up
(separable) to tear something into pieces

The teacher ripped Max's test up because he caught Max cheating.

run away run_away
(intransitive) to escape from one's guardians

Mary ran away at the age of thirteen.

run into run_into
(inseparable) to meet unexpectedly

I was surprised when I ran into Bill on the way to the store yesterday.

run over
(separable) to hit with a vehicle

Bill ran over a cat on his way to work.

rush in
(intransitive) to enter quickly

The students rushed in because they were eager to learn.

rush out rush_out
(intransitive) to exit quickly

The workers all rushed out because it was time to go home.


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