Phrasal Verbs Beginning with P

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pass out pass_out
(separable) to distribute

The teacher passed the assignment out.

pass out pass_out
(intransitive) to lose consciousness

Mary was so tired that she passed out as soon as she got home.

pay back pay_back
(separable) to give money back that you borrowed

Max is avoiding Mary because he doesn't have the money to pay her back.

pay back pay_back
(separable) to reciprocate a bad deed

Al paid George back by punching him in the nose.

pay off pay_off
(separable) to pay all of the money you owe

Some day I hope to pay off my student loans.

perk up perk_up
(intransitive) to become more cheerful or lively

The movie perked up a little at the end, but overall it was quite dull.

perk up perk_up
(separable) to cause to be more cheerful or lively

Tom brought some flowers to Mary in the hospital. He was hoping to perk her up with them. Unfortunately, she is allergic to flowers.

pick out pick_out
(separable) to choose

When shopping for watermelon, I like to pick out the biggest.

play down play_down
(separable) to make something seem less important

Max played down his car accident so that his mother wouldn't get worried.

print out
(separable) to print something from a computer

I need to buy some more paper for my printer so that I can print out my report for history class.

pull down pull_down
(separable) to pull something so that it comes down

When Max drinks too much, he sometimes pulls his pants down in public.

put across put_across
(separable) to communicate; convey effectively

During the meeting, management put across the message that our concerns were insignificant.

put away put_away
(separable) to discard; renounce

Let?s put away our worries, and live for the moment.

put away put_away
(separable) to consume

I watched Max put away several hamburgers in just a few minutes.

put away put_away
(separable) to confine; incarcerate; imprison

The government put Sherman away for a year for having the wrong information on his website.

put back put_back
(separable) to place something where it was previously

When you finish the milk, please don't put the empty container back in the fridge.

put down put_down
(separable) to kill a sick or injured animal (usually out of mercy)

The vet said it was necessary to put down the race horse because of its broken leg.

put down put_down
(separable) to insult or make disparaging remarks about someone

I feel sorry for Max. Everytime he and Mary get together with their friends Mary puts him down in front of everybody.

put off put_off
(separable) to postpone

Many students put off doing their homework until it is almost too late.

put on put_on
(separable) to dress oneself with; to wear; to don

Mary put her best dress on.



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