Phrasal Verbs Beginning with D

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die down die_down
(intransitive) to decrease

The noise from the party finally died down around four in the morning.

dig up
(separable) to look for and find hidden things or information

Mary was paid thousands of dollars to dig up some dirt on that promising politician.

dish out
(separable) to allocate, dispense, or distribute food from a container

After dinner, Max dished out some delicious fruit salad for desert.

doze off doze_off
(intransitive) to fall asleep

You know you're a boring speaker when your entire audience dozes off.

drag on drag_on
(intransitive) to continue for what seems to be an extrememly long time

The politicians speech dragged on and on.

draw up draw_up
(separable) to prepare

Lee Harvey was happy to have the Soviets draw up the assassination plans.

dream up
(separable) to think of (something new)

The CIA and the KGB were always dreaming up new ways of keeping tabs on each other.

dress up dress_up
(separable) to put on formal or very nice clothing

Mary likes to dress her son up to go to church.

drink up drink_up
(separable) to finish a drink

Bobby drank his juice up and went to bed.

drop off drop_off
(separable) to unload or deliver (on the way to somewhere else)

If you're going to the store, could you drop me off at Mary's house on the way?

drop off drop_off
(intransitive) to decline (in number)

Towards the end of the school year university enrollment numbers drop off a little.

drown out
(separable) to make a sound inaudible with a louder sound

Max uses his iPod to drown out all of the people's voices around him.


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