Phrasal Verbs Beginning with L

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lay off lay_off
(separable) to dismiss from a job

General Motors usually lays workers off just before Christmas so that the CEO can get a large bonus.

leave out leave_out
(separable) to not include

A margarita is not a margarita if you leave the tequila out.

let down let_down
(separable) to disappoint

The team let the coach down.

lie down
(intransitive) to recline

I like to lie down in my hammock and read.

lift up lift_up
(separable) to elevate something

Max could not lift Mary up because she was too heavy.

line up line_up
(intransitive) to stand in a line

The prisoners had to line up before they could enter the dining hall.

line up line_up
(separable) to put in a row

Max likes to line up his dominos and then knock them down.

lock in lock_in
(separable) to lock the door so that someone can't leave

Mary was afraid that Max might flee, so she locked him in.

lock out lock_out
(separable) to lock the door so that someone can't enter

Jane locked Jack out of the bathroom because she wanted some privacy.

look down on look_down_on
(inseparable) to consider inferior

The rich lady looked down on the poor homeless people in the park.

look into look_into
(inseparable) to investigate

The grand jury is looking into the allegations that bribes influenced the mayor's actions.

look out look_out
(intransitive) to be careful; watchful; to protect someone's interests

Most politicians just look out for themselves and their wealthy constituents. They have little regard for the average person.

look over look_over
(separable) to inspect or examine (swiftly)

I looked over the contract this morning and everything seems fine.

look up look_up
(separable) to find information in a book, or booklike source

Mary decided to look up her ex-boyfriend's phone number

lop off
(separable) to cut something off (a limb or branch of a tree)

The carpenter accidentally lopped off two of his fingers when he was cutting some wood.


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