Phrasal Verbs Beginning with T

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take apart take_apart
(separable) to dismantle or disassemble

Max took the engine of his car apart, but couldn't put it back together.

take back take_back
(separable) to retrieve something you gave or said

I take it back. Mark isn't nearly as dumb as I said.

take back take_back
(separable) to return

Max took the defective radio back to the sore where he bought it.

take down take_down
(separable) to lower

Max took his pants down so that the nurse could give him an injection.

take down take_down
(separable) to dismantle; disassemble; take apart

Max took down his tent and went home.

take down take_down
(separable) to lower one's self-esteem

Mary's constant criticism has taken Max down considerably.

take in take_in
(separable) to reduce in size; make smaller

Max lost a lot of weight and had to have all of his pants taken in.

take in take_in
(separable) to give shelter to; to receive as a guest, or lodger

The Smiths took Barney in while he was in town.

take in take_in
(separable) to see for enjoyment

We took in the sights in the morning and took in a movie later in the evening.

take off take_off
(separable) to remove from something

I'm going to take my jacket off. It's hot in here. Take you hand off my knee. I'm not that kind of girl.

take off take_off
(intransitive) to depart (aircraft)

When the plane takes off, you must have your seatbelt on and your seat must be in its upright position.

take on take_on
(separable) undertake; assume; acquire

Max took on a lot of new responsibilities.

take on take_on
(separable) to contend against an opponent

I think I can take on Mike Tyson.

take out take_out
(separable) to extract; remove

Max takes out the trash every night.

take out take_out
(separable) to take someone on a date

Max took Mary out to a fancy restaurant.

take over take_over
(separable) to gain control of

Someday I will take over the world.

take up take_up
(separable) to pursue; turn one?s interest to

Max decided to take up golfing.

take up take_up
(separable) to consume or fill time or space

Homework takes up all of my time.

talk into
(separable) to persuade to do something

Max talked Mary into going to Mexico with him.

talk out of
(separable) to persuade not to do something

Bill talked his wife out of divorcing him.



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