Phrasal Verbs Beginning with T

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tangle up
(separable) to twist and mix together into a confused mass

Max accidentally tangled the electrical cords up.

tear off tear_off
(separable) to remove something by tearing

Chastain made headlines when she tore off her jersey after scoring the winning goal.

thaw out thaw_out
(intransitive) to change from a frozen state to a non-frozen state

The ice-covered lakes thaw out in the springtime.

thaw out thaw_out
(separable) to cause something to change from a frozen state to a non-frozen state by warming it

The warm sun thawed out the icy sidewalk.

think over think_over
(separable) to give something a lot of thought

Before you make a big decision, you should think it over.

throw away throw_away
(separable) to discard as trash

Lee threw away the parking ticket soon after he received it.

throw out throw_out
(separable) to discard

Mary threw out all of her old clothes.

throw up throw_up
(separable) to vomit

Mary ate so many cookies that she threw up.

tip off tip_off
(separable) to inform

Max tipped off the police about the imminent terrorist attack.

trade in
(separable) to exchange something (usually used) for payment or partial payment for something else.

Max traded his old jalopy in as a down payment on a new BMW.

try on try_on
(separable) to put clothes on to see if it fits

Be sure to try athletic shoes on before you buy them.

try out try_out
(separable) to test to see if something is suitable

I'm going to try out some new recipes for dinner this week.

turn away turn_away
(separable) to reject; refuse; dismiss

The church turned away the people with no money to pay.

turn away turn_away
(separable) to repel; deflect

His sheer arrogance turned away many potential friends.

turn away turn_away
(intransitive) to move so that you are not facing someone

When Max entered the room, Mary turned away. She could not face him after what he had done.

turn back turn_back
(intransitive) to return; revert; backtrack

We started on our trip, but the weather was so bad that we decided to turn back.

turn back turn_back
(separable) to drive away; to halt the advance of

The soldiers tried with all of their might to turn back the invading forces.

turn down turn_down
(separable) to reject

Bill asked 100 girls to go out on a date with him. All but one turned him down.

turn down turn_down
(separable) to decrease

Please turn the radio down. It's too loud.

turn in turn_in
(separable) to submit or give work done for someone

Max turns in his homework almost always on time.



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