Phrasal Verbs Beginning with C

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come back come_back
(intransitive) to recall

I think I remember that story. It's all coming back to me now.

come back come_back
(intransitive) to even the score (sports)

France came back to beat England after being down 1-0 all game.

come back come_back
(intransitive) to reply, retort

When Max criticized Mary, Mary came back with some very sharp criticism of Max.

come by come_by
(intransitive) to visit informally

I was in the neighborhood so I thought I would come by to see how you were doing.

come by come_by
(inseparable) to obtain (accidentally)

I'm not sure how I came by this hat, but I've had it for years.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to descend, fall, go down

It?s been hot all day. Finally the temperature is starting to come down a bit.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to precipitate, fall from clouds

Snow has been coming down for about 2 hours now.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to reduce to the essential element

In politics everything really just comes down to the economy.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to become sick

Max came down with the flu.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to criticize

Max came down on Mary for not washing the dishes after dinner.

come in come_in
(intransitive) to arrive, get in

News came in that next year's car models have just come in.

come in come_in
(intransitive) to place in a race or contest

Frank came in second in the Boston Marathon.

come in come_in
(intransitive) to be received (signal)

No matter how much Max adjusted the antenna, the radio station just didn't come in very well.

come into
(inseparable) to acquire

Mary came into a lot of money when her grandfather passed away.

come off come_off
(intransitive) to appear

George doesn't come off as being very intelligent.

come off come_off
(intransitive) to fare, happen in a particular manner

The meeting came off as well as could be expected.

come off come_off
(inseparable) to have recently completed or recovered from

After coming off a nasty hip injury, Andre went on to win the US Open.

come on come_on
(inseparable) to advance progressively

Our soccer game ended as darkness came on.

come on come_on
(intransitive) to project a particular personal image

Mary comes on as a very serious person, but is actually quite fun.

come on come_on
(intransitive) to start running, become available

I wish the electricity would come on again. It's dark in here



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