Phrasal Verbs with UP

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screw up
(separable) to make a mistake or do something wrong

Max screwed up his relationship with Mary.

set up set_up
(separable) to start, organize, or configure

Max asked Mary to set up his computer.

speak up speak_up
(intransitive) to speak more loudly

Speak up. I can't hear you.

split up split_up
(separable) to divide

The bank robbers split the money up equally.

stand up stand_up
(intransitive) to rise to an erect position

All of the people in the courtroom stood up when the judge entered.

take up take_up
(separable) to pursue; turn one?s interest to

Max decided to take up golfing.

take up take_up
(separable) to consume or fill time or space

Homework takes up all of my time.

tangle up
(separable) to twist and mix together into a confused mass

Max accidentally tangled the electrical cords up.

throw up throw_up
(separable) to vomit

Mary ate so many cookies that she threw up.

turn up turn_up
(separable) to increase

Please turn the radio up. I can hardly hear it.

use up use_up
(separable) to use all of

Mary got mad at Max for using all of the toothpaste.

warm up warm_up
(separable) To cause something to rise in temperature to a suitable level

Max warmed the leftovers up in the microwave oven.

warm up warm_up
(intransitive) to rise in temperature to a suitable level

My office warms up nicely on sunny afternoons.

zip up zip_up
(separable) to close with a zipper

Everyone was staring because Max forgot to zip up his pants.



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