Phrasal Verbs with DOWN

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back down back_down
(intransitive) to concede in a disagreement

The mugger backed down when he saw that Max was carrying a 9mm handgun.

break down break_down
(intransitive) to lose control of one's emotions

Max broke down in tears when he heard that Mary had been arrested.

break down break_down
(intransitive) to stop functioning

John had to learn to become a good mechanic as his car was always breaking down.

bring down
(separable) to cause to fall

Michael Moore is hoping to bring the Bush administration down.

burn down burn_down
(separable) to destroy by fire

Please don't smoke in bed for you may burn the house down.

calm down
(separable) to stop being emotionally distressed

Max was so upset that nothing could calm him down.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to descend, fall, go down

It?s been hot all day. Finally the temperature is starting to come down a bit.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to precipitate, fall from clouds

Snow has been coming down for about 2 hours now.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to reduce to the essential element

In politics everything really just comes down to the economy.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to become sick

Max came down with the flu.

come down come_down
(intransitive) to criticize

Max came down on Mary for not washing the dishes after dinner.

copy down
(separable) to record in writing

Max told Mary about the idea. She copied it down and sold it to the highest bidder.

cut down cut_down
(inseparable) to reduce

Max decided to cut down his alcohol consumption.

die down die_down
(intransitive) to decrease

The noise from the party finally died down around four in the morning.

fall down fall_down
(intransitive) to fall to the ground or floor

Mary fell down and hurt her left knee.

get down get_down
(intransitive) to descend or lower

Max got down on his knees and prayed.

get down get_down
(intransitive) give one?s consideration or attention (used with to)

Now that we?ve finished lunch, I am ready to get down to business.

get down get_down
(separable) to depress, exhaust or discourage

Talking about politics really gets me down.

get down get_down
(separable) to put in writing

Did you get everything I said down?

go down go_down
(intransitive) to go under; to drop below the horizon; to sink

I hope to get to the beach before the sun goes down.



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