Phrasal Verbs with ON

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add on
(separable) to increase or enhance something by joining or uniting something to it

We've decided to add on another bedroom to the house.

bone up on
(inseparable) to review, study, or practice a subject for a short period of time

I need to bone up on my math as I have a university entrance exam at the end of the month.

bring on bring_on
(separable) to cause to appear

Bring on the birthday cake!

brush up on
(intransitive) to practice; to improve your skill or knowledge

Max went back to school to brush up on mathematics.

carry on carry_on
(intransitive) to continue

Max was not sure if he could carry on any longer.

catch on catch_on
(intransitive) to become popular

Max is hoping that being short, fat, and bald will catch on.

cheer on cheer_on
(separable) to support or encourage with shouts of praise

The crowd at the marathon cheered the runners on.

come on come_on
(inseparable) to advance progressively

Our soccer game ended as darkness came on.

come on come_on
(intransitive) to project a particular personal image

Mary comes on as a very serious person, but is actually quite fun.

come on come_on
(intransitive) to start running, become available

I wish the electricity would come on again. It's dark in here

drag on drag_on
(intransitive) to continue for what seems to be an extrememly long time

The politicians speech dragged on and on.

hold on hold_on
(intransitive) to wait

Hold on a moment. I need to tie my shoe.

keep on
(intransitive) to continue

No matter how many times you fail, you must keep on trying.

look down on look_down_on
(inseparable) to consider inferior

The rich lady looked down on the poor homeless people in the park.

move on move_on
(intransitive) to progress onwards

Let's move on. I'm tired of talking about that.

put on put_on
(separable) to dress oneself with; to wear; to don

Mary put her best dress on.

put on put_on
(separable) to produce; perform

The theater group put on a great show.

put on put_on
(separable) to fool; mislead for amusement

You?re putting me on!

take on take_on
(separable) undertake; assume; acquire

Max took on a lot of new responsibilities.

take on take_on
(separable) to contend against an opponent

I think I can take on Mike Tyson.



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