Phrasal Verbs with UP

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hush up
(separable) to make someone become quiet

The teacher hushed up the kids.

keep up
(separable) to maintain in good condition; to persist; persevere in

Excellent work! Keep it up.

keep up
(separable) to prevent from going to sleep

The neighbor's barking dog kept me up all night.

keep up
(intransitive) to stay informed

Max reads the newspaper in order to keep up with current events.

keep up
(intransitive) maintain a required pace or level in competition (often in lifestyle)

Max spent all of his money and time trying to keep up with his neighbors.

lift up lift_up
(separable) to elevate something

Max could not lift Mary up because she was too heavy.

line up line_up
(intransitive) to stand in a line

The prisoners had to line up before they could enter the dining hall.

line up line_up
(separable) to put in a row

Max likes to line up his dominos and then knock them down.

look up look_up
(separable) to find information in a book, or booklike source

Mary decided to look up her ex-boyfriend's phone number

make up make_up
(separable) to invent (a story)

Bill is good at making up stories to get himself out of trouble.

measure up measure_up
(intransitive) to reach a standard or expectation

Mary would not marry Max because she felt that he just didn't measure up.

mess up mess_up
(separable) to make disorganized or messy

Please do not mess up the house. We are having guests over tonight.

open up open_up
(intransitive) to talk openly

Max was the only one that Mary would ever open up to.

perk up perk_up
(intransitive) to become more cheerful or lively

The movie perked up a little at the end, but overall it was quite dull.

perk up perk_up
(separable) to cause to be more cheerful or lively

Tom brought some flowers to Mary in the hospital. He was hoping to perk her up with them. Unfortunately, she is allergic to flowers.

put up put_up
(separable) to raise; erect; build

The construction workers put the buildings up in just a few days.

put up put_up
(separable) to accommodate; provide food a shelter to

The government put the refugees up in temporary housing.

rack up rack_up
(separable) to accumulate in number (score)

You?d better watch where you park. You're really racking up the parking tickets.

rip up rip_up
(separable) to tear something into pieces

The teacher ripped Max's test up because he caught Max cheating.

save up save_up
(separable) to collect money for future use

Max is saving up for a brand new car.



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