Phrasal Verbs with OUT

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shout out
(separable) to speak very loudly; to announce

Max shouted the directions to his house out.

sort out sort_out
(separable) to arrange or separate by type, class, category, etc.

Max sorted his socks out.

sort out sort_out
(separable) to resolve problems or difficulties

Max tried to sort out the misunderstanding he had with Mary.

stand out stand_out
(intransitive) to be prominent or conspicuous

Max?s car stands out among all of the cars in the parking lot because of its florescent green paintjob.

stay out stay_out
(intransitive) to not return home past the regular time

Bill got angry when his wife stayed out all night.

take out take_out
(separable) to extract; remove

Max takes out the trash every night.

take out take_out
(separable) to take someone on a date

Max took Mary out to a fancy restaurant.

thaw out thaw_out
(intransitive) to change from a frozen state to a non-frozen state

The ice-covered lakes thaw out in the springtime.

thaw out thaw_out
(separable) to cause something to change from a frozen state to a non-frozen state by warming it

The warm sun thawed out the icy sidewalk.

throw out throw_out
(separable) to discard

Mary threw out all of her old clothes.

try out try_out
(separable) to test to see if something is suitable

I'm going to try out some new recipes for dinner this week.

turn out turn_out
(separable) to switch off

Please turn out the lights.

walk out walk_out
(intransitive) to leave as a sign of protest

The workers walked out to protest the low wages.



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