Phrasal Verbs with OUT

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get out get_out
(intransitive) to escape or leave

Sam wouldn't stop talking so we asked him to get out.

get out get_out
(separable) cause to escape or leave

Please get that cat out of here.

give out give_out
(inseparable) to distribute

Mary is very happy that they give needles out at the local clinic.

hand out hand_out
(separable) to distribute

Lee Harvey often handed out leaflets on the street corner.

kick out
(separable) to force to leave

The bouncers kicked Max out of the bar for starting a fight.

knock out
(intransitive) to make someone unconscious

That last drink I had really knocked me out.

leave out leave_out
(separable) to not include

A margarita is not a margarita if you leave the tequila out.

lock out lock_out
(separable) to lock the door so that someone can't enter

Jane locked Jack out of the bathroom because she wanted some privacy.

look out look_out
(intransitive) to be careful; watchful; to protect someone's interests

Most politicians just look out for themselves and their wealthy constituents. They have little regard for the average person.

pass out pass_out
(separable) to distribute

The teacher passed the assignment out.

pass out pass_out
(intransitive) to lose consciousness

Mary was so tired that she passed out as soon as she got home.

pick out pick_out
(separable) to choose

When shopping for watermelon, I like to pick out the biggest.

print out
(separable) to print something from a computer

I need to buy some more paper for my printer so that I can print out my report for history class.

put out put_out
(separable) to extinguish

The firefighters put the fire out.

put out put_out
(separable) to publish; issue

The government put out a news brief to misinform the public.

put out put_out
(separable) to exert, extend

The workers put out considerable effort to get the job done on time.

put out put_out
(separable) to expel

Please put the cat out.

rush out rush_out
(intransitive) to exit quickly

The workers all rushed out because it was time to go home.

sell out sell_out
(separable) to sell everything in the store

We can't go to the concert. The tickets have been sold out

sell out sell_out
(separable) to compromise one's values for personal gain

Catherine sold out. I guess power and money mean more to her than what she said were her personal values.



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