Phrasal Verbs with OFF

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pay off pay_off
(separable) to pay all of the money you owe

Some day I hope to pay off my student loans.

put off put_off
(separable) to postpone

Many students put off doing their homework until it is almost too late.

rip off rip_off
(separable) to steal something

Max ripped twenty dollars off from that old lady.

shave off
(separable) to remove hair by shaving

Michael Jordan first shaved off all of his hair when he was in his twenties.

show off show_off
(separable) to try to impress by doing or showing

When Bill did that trick with the cigar, he was just showing off.

shrug off shrug_off
(separable) to dismiss something as unimportant

The president shrugged off his extremely low poll numbers.

take off take_off
(separable) to remove from something

I'm going to take my jacket off. It's hot in here. Take you hand off my knee. I'm not that kind of girl.

take off take_off
(intransitive) to depart (aircraft)

When the plane takes off, you must have your seatbelt on and your seat must be in its upright position.

tear off tear_off
(separable) to remove something by tearing

Chastain made headlines when she tore off her jersey after scoring the winning goal.

tip off tip_off
(separable) to inform

Max tipped off the police about the imminent terrorist attack.

turn off turn_off
(separable) to switch a machine or electrical device to the off posiiton

Please turn off the lights when you leave the room.

turn off turn_off
(separable) to disgust

Selfish people really turn me off.

wear off wear_off
(separable) to no longer affect someone

Oh no, call the doctor. the drugs are wearing off.

wipe off
(separable) to clean a surface by dragging a towel or sponge across it

After dinner, please wipe off the table and wash the dishes.



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