Phrasal Verbs with IN

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rush in
(intransitive) to enter quickly

The students rushed in because they were eager to learn.

stay in stay_in
(intransitive) to not go out

Bill decided to stay in this weekend because he was tired of going out.

take in take_in
(separable) to reduce in size; make smaller

Max lost a lot of weight and had to have all of his pants taken in.

take in take_in
(separable) to give shelter to; to receive as a guest, or lodger

The Smiths took Barney in while he was in town.

take in take_in
(separable) to see for enjoyment

We took in the sights in the morning and took in a movie later in the evening.

trade in
(separable) to exchange something (usually used) for payment or partial payment for something else.

Max traded his old jalopy in as a down payment on a new BMW.

turn in turn_in
(separable) to submit or give work done for someone

Max turns in his homework almost always on time.



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