Phrasal Verbs with DOWN

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go down go_down
(intransitive) to ingest

Water goes down especially well after a long hard soccer match.

hold down hold_down
(separable) to keep a job

Mary has never been able to hold down a job.

hunt down hunt_down
(separable) to pursue to find or capture someone or something

Max hunted the waitress down, so that he could order dinner.

jot down jot_down
(separable) to copy down or make a note of

Max jotted down a few notes as the professor spoke.

keep down
(separable) to control; subdue; repress

You can have a party, but please keep the noise down as much as possible.

kneel down
(intransitive) to go down on your knees

Before he goes to bed, Max kneels down to pray.

let down let_down
(separable) to disappoint

The team let the coach down.

lie down
(intransitive) to recline

I like to lie down in my hammock and read.

mark down mark_down
(separable) to write or make a note on something

Max marked the phone number down so that he wouldn't forget it.

mark down mark_down
(separable) to reduce prices

K-mart often marks its prices down.

play down play_down
(separable) to make something seem less important

Max played down his car accident so that his mother wouldn't get worried.

pull down pull_down
(separable) to pull something so that it comes down

When Max drinks too much, he sometimes pulls his pants down in public.

put down put_down
(separable) to kill a sick or injured animal (usually out of mercy)

The vet said it was necessary to put down the race horse because of its broken leg.

put down put_down
(separable) to insult or make disparaging remarks about someone

I feel sorry for Max. Everytime he and Mary get together with their friends Mary puts him down in front of everybody.

quiet down quiet_down
(separable) to be less noisy

Class, please quiet down. I'm trying to think.

settle down settle_down
(separable) to get someone to become calm

Settle John down. The neighbors are trying to sleep.

settle down settle_down
(intransitive) to become calm; to start living a quiet family life

Max started to look for a wife because he thought it was time to settle down.

shoot down shoot_down
(separable) to make something hit the ground by shooting it

yugoslavia shot down one US warplane.

simmer down simmer_down
(intransitive) to become less angry

Bill allowed his wife to simmer down before he asked for forgiveness.

take down take_down
(separable) to lower

Max took his pants down so that the nurse could give him an injection.



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