Advanced Vocabulary List 7

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adverse adverse
Unfavorable; harmful.

Adverse weather conditions will not stop Max from going fishing.

A person who publicly supports something or someone.

Max is an advocate for animal rights.

destiny destiny
A predetermined state; fate.

Max considered it his destiny to die poor and alone.

To make smaller or less or to cause to appear so.

Max laughed at Mary's award and tried to diminish the award's importance.

donor donor
One who contributes to a cause or fund.

The Red Cross sent a letter of gratitude to all of the donors.

exempt exempt
Free from a duty or obligation.

Most churches are exempt from paying taxes.

query query
To ask, inquire.

The police officer queried the drivers involved in the accident.

patron patron
A customer

Some of the patrons complained to the waiter about the quality of the food.

savor savor
To enjoy or appreciate the taste or smell of something.

Homer savored every bite of the chocolate donut.

vocation vocation
Employment; occupation; avocation; calling; business; trade

It is important to choose a vocation that you enjoy.


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