Advanced Vocabulary List 5

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audible audible
(adjective) able to be heard, hearable

The child spoke so softly her voice was barely audible.

coerce coerce
(verb) compel by unethical means, force

Max was coerced into making a donation to the Senator's campaign fund.

morale morale
(noun) the state of spirit of a person or group

The soldier's morale is extremely low.

prevail prevail
(verb) win; overcome; gain advantage

We may be losing now, but in the end we will prevail.

prudent prudent
(adjective) careful and wise

It would not be very prudent to spend your entire paycheck on lottery tickets.

retort retort
(noun) a sharp reply, answer

Jack came back with a witty retort to the reporter's question.

scapegoat scapegoat
(noun) someone to blame; someone to take the blame for others

Every office needs a scapegoat. In our office Max is the scapegoat. He's blamed for everything.

sedate sedate
(adjective) calm; composed

The crowd at the funeral was quiet and sedate.

superstition superstition
(noun) An irrational belief which ignores the laws of nature.

Getting seven years of bad luck for breaking a mirror is a common superstition.

(verb) add to; provide a supplement to

Max got a second job to supplement his income.


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