Advanced Vocabulary List 3

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arrogant arrogant
(adjective) showing too much self-importance or self-worth; overbearing pride

Many political and business leaders are very arrogant.

aspire aspire
(verb) to hope or dream; especially to hope or work towards a profession or occupation

Pinocchio aspired to become a real boy.

compel compel
(verb) force, constrain or coerce; sway

The soldiers were compelled to fight in the war.

concise concise
(adjective) short, brief, not verbose; clear and succinct

Please write a concise essay on the meaning of life.

illusion illusion
(noun) a false impression, something that seems to be something that it is not

The magician seems to saw his assistant in half, but it is just an illusion.

impose impose
(verb) establish or apply by authority; force something on someone; selfishly bother

The government imposes taxes on the poor to pay for social programs for the rich.

lenient lenient
(adjective)easygoing, lax, tolerant of deviation, permissive, not strict

The teacher accused Bobby's parents of being too lenient with Bobby.

menace menace
(noun) a possible threat or danger

Leaders with too much power can become a menace to the world.

novice novice
(noun) a person new to an activity, a beginner

You are pretty good for a novice.

overt overt
(adjective) open and observable; not secret or concealed

The politician's disregard for the law was quite overt.


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