Advanced Vocabulary List 24

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commemorate commemorate
(verb) to remember and show respect (in a ceremony)

Veterans' Day is a day to commemorate soldiers who have honorably served their country.

devastate devastate
(verb) to ruin or destroy

The city was devastated by the bombs.

disarmament disarmament
(noun) the reduction of military or weapons

The protestors called for a complete disarmament.

distraught distraught
(adjective) very agitated and upset from mental conflict

Mary became distraught when she found out that her son was being sent into war.

embark embark
(verb) to start, begin

Max embarked on a career as a plumber.

envision envision
(verb) to imagine as a future possibility

Max never envisioned being a plumber.

(noun) an extract (from film, writing, music, or other type of work)

The excerpts of the story published in the newspaper were very interesting.

forsake forsake
(verb) to abandon

The town was forsaken by its former inhabitants because the nearby volcano threatened to erupt.

temperance temperance
(noun) abstinence from drinking alcohol

Max has become an advocate of complete temperance.

vow vow
(verb) to solemnly promise

Max vowed to never drink another drop of alcohol again.


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