Advanced Vocabulary List 23

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agony agony
(noun) intense suffering and pain

Max cried in agony when he broke his leg.

allege allege
(verb) assert or claim wrongdoing by someone (typically without proof)

The teacher alleged that Max cheated on the exam.

caricature caricature
(noun) a picture or description of a person or thing with comically exaggerated characteristics

Max drew a caricature of his teacher.

disperse disperse
(verb) cause to go in different directions

The crowd dispersed as soon as the concert was over.

incite incite
(verb) to stir up or encourage (violent or unlawful behavior)

Max incited the other students to rebel against the teacher.

polarize polarize
(verb) to divide or cause to divide into two sharply contrasting groups

The issue polarized the public.

(verb) to cause to happen suddenly or sooner than expected

Extremely high gas prices precipitated the demise of the SUV.

sanction sanction
(noun) official authorization, approval or ratification of a law

Max received the official sanction of the Federal Darts Association to hold a tournament in the school.


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