Advanced Vocabulary List 22

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callous callous
(adjective) insensitive and unfeeling toward others

The teacher was particularly callous in her treatment of the children.

emulate emulate
(verb) to imitate or model yourself after

Children often emulate adults that they look up to.

finite finite
(adjective) limited

In a world of finite resources, if some people have more, other people must have less.

laud laud
(verb) to praise

The school's principal lauded the teacher for her ability to discipline her class.

nocturnal nocturnal
(adjective) active at night

Mountain lions are primarily nocturnal and do almost all of their hunting at night.

noxious noxious
(adjective) harmful or unpleasant

Be careful applying pesticides. Their fumes are often quite noxious to humans.

recant recant
(verb) to take back what one has said; to say that one no longer holds a belief or opinion

Max recanted every bad thing he said about Mary.


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