Advanced Vocabulary List 20

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(adjective) shrewd, or having the ability to accurately assess situations or people for one's own advantage.

Max is a very astute businessman. He has a very keen mind for making business deals.

(noun) the quality of openness and honesty in attitude and expression

In all candor, I think that Max is a complete nincompoop.

(adjective) plentiful, abundant in supply

We drank copious amounts of coffee in order to stay awake during class.

(adjective) feminine, unmanly

Because Max is so effeminate, he was often picked on in school. The other kids called him a sissy.

(verb) to get something through manipulation or dishonest means

Max finagled his way into the sold out Britney Spears concert. I don't know how he did it (or why).

(adjective) very productive

Noam Chomsky is a very prolific author. He's written many books and articles.

(adjective) touchable, perceptible by touch

Max will probably escape punishment for his crimes because there is no tangible evidence to make a case against him.


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