Advanced Vocabulary List 19

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(verb) to make something happen sooner (usually an action or process)

Max called the cable company to see if they could expedite the installation process.

(adjective) outrageous or conspicuously offensive

Many politicians are in flagrant violation of the law. The basketball player committed a flagrant foul.

(adjective) thrifty, economical

If I had been more frugal, I could have saved enough money to buy a new car.

(adjective) sociable, outgoing

Max is a very gregarious person. He likes to be around people.

(noun) a person who dislikes people and avoids people

Mary is a misanthrope. She hates being around people.

(noun) a person who does not believe in war or violence.

Max got out of serving in the military by claiming that he was a pacifist.

(verb) to reject as false

Many of the staunchest supporters of neoconservatism have now repudiated neoconservatism as a complete failure. They claim that neoconservatism is dead.


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