Advanced Vocabulary List 18

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concoct concoct
(verb) to make by combining different ingredients, create or devise

The story that Max concocted as an excuse for not doing his homework was preposterous but entertaining.

credence credence
(noun) belief that or acceptance that something is true

I don't give much credence to Max's stories.

devise devise
(adjective) to plan or invent

John devised a plan for a sure victory.

disengage disengage
(verb) to detach or separate from something

Many people are pushing for the country to disengage its military from foreign lands.

rebuke rebuke
(verb) to express sstrong criticism or disapproval of (someone)

Mary rebuked her children for not cleaning their bedrooms.

sentiment sentiment
(noun) an opinion

I agree with your sentiment regarding global warming.

unilateral unilateral
(adjective) performed by a single person, group or country (an action or decision)

There is little support globally for a particular country taking unilateral action against another country.


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