Advanced Vocabulary List 16

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cryptic cryptic
(adjective) mysterious, secret, or obscure in meaning

Mary's comments were so cryptic that I had no idea what she was saying.

dichotomy dichotomy
(noun) a division into two groups or parts or two opposing viewpoints

There is a sharp dichotomy of opinion on Max's ability to lead the government.

disdain disdain
(noun) contempt

Max has nothing but disdain for people like Mary.

impugn impugn
(verb) criticize; dispute the truth; call into question

The politician was very upset as she felt that her character had been impugned.

malice malice
(noun) the desire to hurt others

Max has a great amount of malice towards the government.

staunch staunch
(adjective) strong, loyal and committed in attitude

Mary is one of Max's staunchest supporters.

vilify vilify
verb) to write or speak badly or abusively about

Max was vilified in all of the newspapers.


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