Advanced Vocabulary List 15

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(noun) disagreement or conflict

There was a tremendous amount of discord among the PTA officers.

(verb) to exclude from a group

As a child, Max was ostracized by the other kids in his school because he wore different clothes.

(adjective) deep in thought or reflection.

Max must be in a very pensive mood today. He hasn't said anything all day.

(adjective) tranquil, peaceful, calm

My dog has a very placid temperament. She does not get upset easily.

(adjective) Most noticeable, important, prominent, or conspicuous

The most salient feature of Mary's appearance is her Purple hair.

(adjective) understood or implied but not specifically expressed.

When Max and Mary moved in together as roommates, they had a tacit agreement that they would share expenses.

(noun) passion, or enthusiasm (usually in pursuit of a cause or objective)

Because of her zeal for chocolate, Mary got a job at the chocolate factory as a chocolate taster.


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