Advanced Vocabulary List 14

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apathy apathy
(noun) a lack of interest or enthusiasm.

Voter turnout is quite low because of widespread apathy among the voters.

diligent diligent
(adjective) conscientiously hard-working.

As a result of their diligent research, the scientists were able to find a cure for the disease.

inane inane
(adjective) empty and pointless.

Mary could not stand Max's inane questions any longer, so she left.

indict indict
(verb) to charge with a crime.

Many politicians have been indicted recently, and many more will probably be indicted soon.

petty petty
(adjective) unimportant or trivial.

Max was convicted of petty theft.

sedentary sedentary
(adjective) inactive; spending much time seated

Fast-food and sedentary lifestyles are major factors in the obesity problem in the US.

facetious facetious
(adjective) in a joking manner; treating serious matters with deliberately inappropriate humor

When I said that I agreed with the President's policies, I was just being facetious.


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