Advanced Vocabulary List 13

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disparity disparity
(noun) a state of inequality, a great difference

Every year economic disparities in the world grow larger and larger.

facilitate facilitate
(verb) to make easier

The teachers put some of their course materials on the Internet to facilitate resource sharing.

fraudulent fraudulent
(adjective) dishonest, deceptive

Richie Rich received his wealth through fraudulent means.

ludicrous ludicrous
(adjective) laughable.

The politician's attempts to cover up his crimes were ludicrous.

opportunist opportunist
(noun) a person who pursues and exploits any kind of opportunity without being guided by principles, plans or any ethical considerations

Most politicians are opportunists who will jump at any advantage without any ethical considerations.

shirk shirk
(verb) avoid, ignore or neglect responsibility

Many politicians' sole purpose is to shirk their duties and make as much money as possible.

spite spite
(noun) a desire to hurt, annoy, vengeance

Shortly after Max and Mary broke up, Mary scratched Max's car out of spite.


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