Advanced Vocabulary List 12

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(adjective) changing frequently

Kids are sometimes very fickle and may have a new favorite food every week.

(adjective) producing a great deal of profit

Max told me that ESL was a very lucrative field, and I believed him.

(adjective) subject to debate, unsettled.

Whether the tooth fairy is male or female is a moot point. No one knows.

(noun) wealth and luxury

Nina would not marry Charlie, for he had no money, and she was not willing to settle for anything less than a life of opulence.

(adjective) active; lively

Max was amazingly spry for an old man.

(adjective) not certain or fixed

Our summer plans are still tentative. I think we are going to go camping in the mountains.

(adjective) cautious; leery

The children were very wary of the stranger and would not let him into the house.


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