Advanced Vocabulary List 1

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A room to stay in or other place to stay; the act of accommodation

When I go on business trips, the accommodations my company pays for are usually quite bad.

Wealthy; having a large amount of money

Only the most affluent individuals can afford a Lamborghini.

Slightly open or almost closed: said of a door.

found the door ajar, and I stood a moment gazing at the hateful man who claimed a right to rule me, body and soul. - Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

Suitable; befitting; proper.

Boardshorts are not appropriate attire for the office.

To excite into action; stir or put in motion or exertion; awaken: as, to arouse attention; to arouse one from sleep; to arouse dormant faculties.

They would send agents and emissaries about the kingdom to arouse, and encourage, and assemble such Saxon forces as were yet to be found. - King Alfred of England

To add to; increase

I teach English in the evenings to augment my family's income.

Excessive desire for wealth; extreme greed

Corruption is a product of avarice and thirst for power.

Something that serves as an obstacle; a barrier

The police set up a barricade to keep voters away from the polling stations.

To confuse or befuddle

I am absolutely bewildered by the new tax forms. I have no idea how to fill them out.

Having or being a taste that is sharp, acrid, and unpleasant.

The coffee was too bitter for Max. He had to add a lot of sugar.


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