Much/Many, A lot of

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Much and Many

We use much with noncount nouns and many with count nouns.

  • Many cars are equipped with GPS systems.
  • I ate too many apples.
  • How many trees did you plant this weekend?
  • I don't know how many girls there are at our school.
  • I don't have much money.
  • Our teacher gives us too much homework.
  • How much sugar do we have?
  • I don't know how much water I drank.

A lot of

We use a lot of with noncount nouns and plural count nouns.

  • I ate a lot of apples.
  • A lot of people like to swim at night.
  • That dog has a lot of fleas.
  • Mary bought a lot of furniture.
  • The man gave us a lot of advice.
  • Our teacher gave us a lot of homework.

Test your knowledge

Directions: Choose the best answer to fill in the blank. (10 problems)

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