Sound Contrast: /b/ vs. /v/

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Listen to the difference between the consonant sounds (/b/ vs. /v/) in the following pairs of words.

  • ban ban | van van
  • base base | vase vase
  • bat bat | vat vat
  • bent bent | vent vent
  • berry berry | very very
  • best best | vest vest
  • bet bet | vet vet
  • boat boat | vote vote
  • bowel bowel | vowel vowel
  • curb curb | curve curve
  • marble marble | marvel marvel
  • robe robe | rove rove

Depending on your native language distinguishing the difference can be very easy or very difficult.

Test your ability to hear the difference between /b/ and /v/.

Instructions: listen to the word and then pick the best match.


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