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  • noun
    An act or instance of moving past or through something. (repeated passes with the swipe card)
    A successful completion of an examination or course. (a 100 percent pass rate)
    A card, ticket, or permit giving authorization for the holder to enter or have access to a place, form of transportation, or event. (a bus pass)
    (in football, soccer, hockey, and other games) an act of throwing, kicking, or hitting the ball or puck to another player on the same team. (his cross-field pass to Giggs)
    An amorous or sexual advance made to someone.
    A state or situation of a specified, usually bad or difficult, nature. (things came to such a pass that these gentlemen sat coldly at the meetings not daring to speak out freely and honestly)
    A rejection or dismissal.
    An act of refraining from bidding during the auction. (The bidding ends after two consecutive passes.)
    Move or cause to move in a specified direction. (he passed through towns and villages)
    Go past or across; leave behind or on one side in proceeding. (the two vehicles had no room to pass each other)
    (of time or a point in time) elapse; go by. (the day and night passed slowly)
    Transfer (something) to someone, especially by handing or bequeathing it to the next person in a series. (your letter has been passed to Mr. Rich for action)
    (of a candidate) be successful in (an examination, test, or course) (she passed her driving test)
    (of a legislative or other official body) approve or put into effect (a proposal or law) by voting on it. (the bill was passed despite fierce opposition)
    Pronounce (a judgment or judicial sentence) ( passing judgment on these crucial issues)
    Discharge (something, especially urine or feces) from the body. (frequency of passing urine)
    Forgo one's turn in a game or an offered opportunity. (we pass on dessert and have coffee)
  • noun
    A route over or through mountains. (the pass over the mountain was open again after the snows)


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