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  • noun
    A shot or pass made with the head. (Neuville flashes in fabulous cross but Klose - who's scored all five of his World Cup goals from headers - somehow hits the post from about five yards with - you've guessed it - his head.)
    A headlong fall or dive.
    A brick or stone laid at right angles to the face of a wall. (The water flowed across an active oxidation area to wet the stone header over the top of the window opening, before pooling on the drywall soffit at the head of the window below.)
    A line or block of text appearing at the top of each page of a book or document. (One way to achieve this look is to create new paragraphs every few sentences and to interrupt long blocks of text with headers, bullet points or photos.)
    (The purifiers that stopped water entering the service tank from the header tank were working, so the contamination must have come from somewhere else.)
    A person who ropes a steer by its head (as opposed to its heels), especially in a team-roping rodeo event.


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