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  • noun
    The mudguard or area around the wheel well of a vehicle. (One, starting at the headlight, forms a curve (upward over the fender area, downward along the door, then back up and down on the rear quarter) that is said to be reminiscent of the beltline of a classic roadster.)
    A plastic cylinder, tire, etc., hung over a ship's side to protect it against impact. (He was responsible for securing the fenders and stowing mooring ropes when the vessel left berth.)
    A metal frame at the front of a locomotive or streetcar for pushing aside obstacles on the line; a cowcatcher. (Another bus' right front fender also had a large gash.)
    A low frame bordering a fireplace to prevent burning coals from falling out. (His elegantly designed candlesticks, fireplace fenders, and furniture, for example, often made use of identical components in different combinations.)


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