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ace a test
to get a perfect score or to do very well on a test

I'm going to study real hard so that I can ace the test.

blow something
to do something poorly, to fail something

I can't believe I blew another test. My grades are going down the tube.

a very intelligent person

Mike is such a brain. He knows everything.

brush up on
to review

We need to brush up on our Spanish since we are going to Mexico next month for vacation.

cut class
to skip class, to be absent from class without permission

It's such a nice day today. Let's cut class and go to the beach.

ditch class
to skip class, to be absent from class without permission

Max and Jo ditched class yesterday. They went to Disneyland instead of going to class.

draw a blank
to suddenly forget

I missed that test question, but I totally knew the answer. I just drew a blank.

drop out
to quit school or someone who quit school

Man, I'm tired of school. I think I'll drop out and do a little traveling.

hand in
to submit

Don't forget to hand in your homework.

hand out
to distribute

You could hear a pin drop as the professor handed out the final exam.

hit the books
to study

We really need to hit the books if we want to do well on the exam Friday.

someone who annoyingly thinks he knows everything

Max is such a know-it-all. He thinks he knows everything.

play hooky
to skip class, to be absent from class without permission

Mark and Janet got caught playing hooky. Now they're in trouble with their parents.

pop quiz
a surprise quiz

The teach gave us a pop quiz today. I think I blew it.

sign up (for)
to register

Did you sign up for the tennis tournament next weekend?

show up
to arrive, come

The students waited for an hour but the teacher never showed up.

to be snobbish, to think you're better than others; conceited

I wanted to ask her out, but she wouldn't even give me the time of day. I think she's a little stuck-up.

teachers pet
the teacher's favorite student

Mary is totally the teacher's pet. He gives her a good grade no matter how poorly she does.


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