Phrasal Verbs with COME

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come in come_in
(intransitive) to be received (signal)

No matter how much Max adjusted the antenna, the radio station just didn't come in very well.

come into
(inseparable) to acquire

Mary came into a lot of money when her grandfather passed away.

come off come_off
(intransitive) to appear

George doesn't come off as being very intelligent.

come off come_off
(intransitive) to fare, happen in a particular manner

The meeting came off as well as could be expected.

come off come_off
(inseparable) to have recently completed or recovered from

After coming off a nasty hip injury, Andre went on to win the US Open.

come on come_on
(inseparable) to advance progressively

Our soccer game ended as darkness came on.

come on come_on
(intransitive) to project a particular personal image

Mary comes on as a very serious person, but is actually quite fun.

come on come_on
(intransitive) to start running, become available

I wish the electricity would come on again. It's dark in here

come out come_out
(intransitive) to become known, to come into public view, to debut

The news of the candidates past sexual misconduct came out just before the election.

come out come_out
(intransitive) to turn out, result

Everything came out fine in the end

come out come_out
(intransitive) to declare one?s position publicly

The senator came out against gay marriage.

come out come_out
(intransitive) to reveal that oneself as homosexual

After years of trying to act straight, Max finally came out.

come over come_over
(intransitive) to change sides

Mary has finally come over to our way of seeing things.

come over come_over
(intransitive) to visit casually

Max and Mary are coming over to watch football tonight.

come through come_through
(intransitive) to do what is expected or required

I really needed to get tickets to the show and Max, my buddy, came through for me and got me a pair.

come through come_through
(intransitive) to be communicated

Mary's displeasure with Max really came through when she hit him upside the head.

come up come_up
(intransitive) to be mentioned

In Max's conversation with Mary, the topic of their wedding never came up.

come up come_up
(intransitive) to approach, draw near

Mary came up and introduced herself.

come up with come_up_with
(inseparable) think of

Max came up with a brilliant idea.

come upon come_upon
(inseparable) to meet or discover by accident

Max came upon a twenty dollar bill while walking down the street.



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