Idioms Beginning with U

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under one's breath
softly spoken; in a whisper

Under his breath, Max called Mary a fat cow.

under the gun
Under pressure to perform or meet a deadline.

Max was under the gun to complete the research before the end of the fiscal year.

under the weather
Not feeling well; ill.

I'm a bit under the weather today. I think I'll take the day off.

until one is blue in the face
For a hopelessly long time

You can lecture Max until you're blue in the face, but he's going to do it his way no matter what.

up for grabs
available for anyone.

Now that Mary is working from home, her office is up for grabs.

up in the air

The exact date of the wedding is still up in the air at this point.

up to something
Scheming or devising.

Max is a little too quiet today. He must be up to something.

ups and downs
Good times and bad times.

We've had our ups and downs, but I'll always consider you my friend.


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