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take a back seat
To become lower priority or less important; to let someone else take charge.

Mary reluctantly took a back seat when Mary took over the company.

take a breather
To take a short break; to pause and relax briefly.

I'm tired. Let's take a breather.

take a chance
To risk something.

Max doesn't like to take chances. He always plays it safe.

take a crack at
To attempt or try.

I'm not sure if I can do it, but I'll take a crack at it.

take a spill
To fall or trip: to experience a sudden drop.

Max took a spill when he was riding his bike. He banged his head.

take the heat
To endure the consequences, blame, anger, or scrutiny;

Mary took the heat for Max's mistake.

tall tale
A greatly exaggerated story.

Miguel is notorious for his tall tales about his military service. He was just a driver but now claims to have been James Bond.

the pits
A miserable or unpleasant situation.

The people in the office are awful. Working with them everyday is the pits.

think twice
To reconsider something; to consider something carefully before proceeding.

Think twice before you get married.

through the roof
Suddenly and excessively high.

Housing prices have gone through the roof in Southern California.

tie the knot
To get married.

Max and Mary tied the knot more than ten years ago.

to each his own
Everyone is entitled to personal preferences.

I wouldn't paint my car that color, but to each his own.

Unable to say anything.

Every time Max sees Jane, he gets tongue-tied, and just sits there and stares.


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