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scared to death
Extremely frightened

Max is scared to death of being alone with Mary.

scope out
To scout; to investigate; to check out.

We scoped out the perfect location for our beach party.

scratch the surface
To treat superficially; to barely begin.

Finished? We haven't even scratched the surface yet. There is a lot more to do.

see eye to eye
To agree; to have similar views; to get along.

Max and Mary rarely see eye to eye on anything.

see red
To become very angry; to be furious.

Max saw red when he found out that Mary went to Paris with John.

sell like hot cakes
To sell fast

Astronaut diapers are selling like hot cakes.

set straight
To correct with accurate information.

The presidential candidates seem to have their facts wrong. Someone needs to set them straight.

shake a leg
To hurry; to get going.

Let's shake a leg! We need to finish this project today.

shoot the breeze
To talk or converse idly.

Do you want to have a cup of coffee and shoot the breeze for a while?

shrug off
To disregard; to minimize the importance of something.

Max shrugged off Mary's accusations and went on with his normal routine.

sit tight
To wait patiently.

Just sit tight; the hot dog vender will be by in a few minutes.

sitting pretty
To be in a good financial situation.

Once we get the insurance money, we'll be sitting pretty.

slip of the tongue
A mistake in speaking.

For a politician, a simple slip of the tongue can be detrimental.

slip one's mind
To forget; to overlook.

I was supposed to do some homework last night, but it totally slipped my mind.

smell a rat
To suspect trickery or deception

Something is not right. I smell a rat.

spill the beans
To reveal a secret.

We were going to surprise Max with a party, but somebody spilled the beans.

stand one's ground
To firmly maintain one's opinion or position.

Everyone in the room disagreed with Mary, but she stood her ground.


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