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nail (something) down
To precisely and firmly establish details of a plan.

We haven't nailed down an exact date for the wedding yet, but we're thinking sometime in August.

nip something in the bud
To stop something at an early stage.

If you feel like you are catching a cold, try to nip it in the bud so that it does not cause you to miss work.

no spring chicken
Somebody who is not particularly young

My grandfather runs marathons, and he's no spring chicken.

no sweat
It's not particularly difficult.

I need my car for a date tonight. Can you fix it? No sweat. I'll have it fixed in no time.

not a chance
Absolutely not; not possible.

Do you think there will ever be any honest politicians? Not a chance.

nothing to it
Easy; not difficult.

Upgrading your RAM is easy. There's really nothing to it.

nothing to sneeze at
Not bad; worthwhile.

Max's new painting is nothing to sneeze at.

nothing to write home about
Ordinary; not exceptional; not especially good.

That movie was entertaining but nothing to write home about.


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