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in a bind
To be in a difficult situation; to be in trouble.

I'm in a bind. Could you help me out?

in charge
In the position of responsibility of leading or overseeing.

Max was in charge of the store when the fire broke out.

in cold blood
In a ruthless and unfeeling manner.

Max was murdered in cold blood.

in hot water
In trouble with someone.

Max is in hot water with his wife for staying out so late.

in the doghouse
In trouble; in disfavor (usually a man in trouble with his wife).

Max is in the doghouse with his wife for forgetting her birthday.

in the nick of time
At the last possible moment.

Max turned in his application for the job just in the nick of time

in the same boat
In a similar situation or predicament.

I'd like to help you with money, but I'm in the same boat. I don't have any money either.


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