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hand it to
To give someone credit or praise; to congratulate.

You have to hand it to Mary for doing such a great job planning the party.

hands down
Unquestionably; without a doubt; without effort.

Max was hands down the best player on the team.

happy camper
A person who is content or satisfied.

Ever since Max started working from home, he has been a happy camper.

have a blast
Enjoy oneself thoroughly

We had a blast playing soccer on the beach last week.

have a bone to pick
To have a grievance or complaint.

I have a bone to pick with my teacher about my grades.

have a cow
To have a fit; to get visibly upset.

The boss had a cow when Max came back from lunch two minutes late.

have a screw loose
To be crazy; to be mentally unstable.

Max must have a screw loose to keep working for that same company after all of the abuse he has taken.

have a word with
To talk, speak, or discuss with.

Max went to have a word with his boss about the working conditions in the factory.

have the blues
To feel depressed or sad.

Max has had the blues since his dog died two months ago.

hear (something) through the grapevine
To learn through rumor.

I heard through the grapevine that Max is going to quit his job.

hit a snag
To encounter an unexpected problem or obstacle.

The business won't open as soon as we had hoped. We seem to have hit a snag with one of our suppliers.

hit it off
To immediately have a good relationship with someone.

Max and Mary really hit it off from the beginning.

hit the books
To study intensely.

We need to hit the books before the test next Friday.

hit the hay
To go to bed

It's getting late. It's time for me to hit the hay.

hit the nail on the head
To be precisely right or accurate.

You hit the nail on the head when you said that the problem was the water pump.

hit the roof
To explode in anger.

The boss hit the roof when he found out that we didn't meet our quota.

hit the sack
To go to bed

It's getting late. It's time for me to hit the sack.

hold one's horses
To wait; to be patient; to slow down.

Hold your horses. I'll be ready in a minute.


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