Idioms Beginning with D

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daily grind
The monotonous tasks of everyday work.

I've had enough of the daily grind. I hope I win the lottery soon.

dead end
A path or situation that leads nowhere or offers no prospects.

My job seems to be at a dead end.

deep down
Basically; in essence; at the core.

Max's boss seems to be a very evil person, but deep down he's not that bad.

die down
To fade; to gradually come to an end.

The storm seems to be dying down. Maybe we'll be able to play tennis tomorrow after all.

do the trick
To work; to cause the desired results.

I need something to quench my thirst. This bottle of water should do the trick.

down and out
Without money and without prospects.

Max is pretty down and out. He has lost his job, car, and home.

down the drain
Wasted, lost.

Everything I spent on guitar lessons was just money down the drain. I can't play a thing.

drag one's feet
To deliberately hold back or delay; to intentionally go or work slowly.

Whenever I ask for the information, they say they're working on it. I think they're just dragging their feet.

draw a blank
To suddenly forget; to fail to remember a piece of information.

I know the answer to that question, but I'm drawing a blank.

drop out
To leave school or a social group; to withdraw from competition.

Man, I'm tired of school. I think I'll drop out and do a little traveling.


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