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point the finger
To accuse; to assign blame

I don't want to point the finger at anybody, but somebody forgot to lock the door, Jim.

pull somebody's leg
To tease someone; to deceive or fool someone

Don't listen to Miguel. He must have been pulling your leg.

pull teeth
To do something very difficult or unpleasant.

Mary says that getting Max to take out the garbage is like pulling teeth.

put a sock in it
To be quiet; to stop talking.

Max went on talking trash about everyone until someone finally told him to put a sock in it.

put one's foot down
To take a firm stand; to insist, demand, or refuse.

Mary finally put her foot down and said that she wouldn't let anyone borrow money from her again.

put one's mind to it
To apply oneself; to channel one's effort toward a particular goal.

If Max put his mind to it, he could achieve anything.

rain cats and dogs
To rain very heavily.

You better bring an umbrella. It's raining cats and dogs out there.

raise a stink
To complain loudly; to make a fuss.

Every time I go to a restaurant with Max, he has to raise a stink about something.

raise the bar
To raise standards or expectations.

It's time for the auto industry to finally raise the bar on fuel efficiency.

read between the lines
To detect a meaning that is not stated explicitly.

He is very cheerful, but if you read between the lines, you'll understand that things aren't going too well.

right on the money
Exact; precise; exactly right.

Your prediction was right on the money.

ring a bell
To seem or sound familiar.

The name rings a bell, but I'm not sure if I know him.

rock bottom
The lowest possible level.

The government's credibility has hit rock bottom.

rock the boat
To go against the status quo; to follow principle rather than go along to get along.

The company's policies are unethical, but if you rock the boat, you'll get fired.

rub the wrong way
To irritate or annoy.

I know you say that Max is a nice guy, but something about him rubs me the wrong way.

scared to death
Extremely frightened

Max is scared to death of being alone with Mary.

scope out
To scout; to investigate; to check out.

We scoped out the perfect location for our beach party.

scratch the surface
To treat superficially; to barely begin.

Finished? We haven't even scratched the surface yet. There is a lot more to do.

see eye to eye
To agree; to have similar views; to get along.

Max and Mary rarely see eye to eye on anything.

see red
To become very angry; to be furious.

Max saw red when he found out that Mary went to Paris with John.



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